Eighth Grade

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Eighth Graders at McGinnis Woods Country Day School learn in a departmentalized structure which challenges them through different teaching styles, organizational demands, and challenging course specific labs and opportunities.

The curriculum is a challenging standards based course of study that builds on the strong foundation of knowledge and skills attained throughout the elementary program and middle grades. The students are prepared for the challenges that they will face in high school and beyond.

STEM at McGinnis Woods Private SchoolStudents are exposed to many genre styles and are taught strategies to help them understand the heavy load of course specific reading that they encounter on a daily basis. They write across the curriculum and continue to learn specific grammar and conventions of writing. They are encouraged to use technology as a writing tool and prepare many pieces of specific writing genres. They are immersed in real world mathematics that, including significant amounts of algebra and geometry. Instruction includes the appropriate use of manipulatives and technology. Students are encouraged to articulate their mathematical understandings both verbally and in writing.

Eighth graders study physical science. They work conceptually on the laws of physical science: Conservation of matter, conservation of energy, motion and forces, and energy transformation. In Social Studies students will study Georgia geography, history, government, and economics. U. S. historical events are included to ensure that students understand Georgia’s role in the history of the United States. Students participate in field trips that enrich the learning environment and guest speakers and primary sources are incorporated throughout.

All core subjects are taught including Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Specials including Media/Technology, Foreign Language, Health, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Counseling. Community Service and Character Education opportunities are also provided.